Why you should buy a villa in Mykonos


When it comes to holiday destinations, few are as famous and as popular as Mykonos, this is because this tiny yet beautiful island in the Aegean sea is home to very beautiful beaches but also exclusive nightclubs and extravagant beach bars. Simply put, Mykonos is the ideal destination for people who are looking to have a good time during their vacation and to spend a few days living like kings and rock stars, which is why buying a villa on this island is an amazing investment opportunity.

You might have noticed that more and more investors and businessmen as well as celebrities are becoming interested in buying Mykonos villas, why is that though? Well, there are many reasons for which buying a villa on this island is an amazing investment, so let’s check out the most important ones.

1: Incredibly popular tourist destination

We said earlier that Mykonos is a very famous and popular vacation destination, but just how popular is it? Let’s put things into perspective. Mykonos is a tiny island, but each and every summer for the last few decades, it receives hundreds of thousands and sometimes even millions of tourists from all over the world. Many of them are looking to have the vacation of a lifetime, which is why they  choose to stay in luxurious villas while on an island famous for its opulence. In other words, if you intend to rent out your villa, you won’t have a shortage of potential guests.

2: High value visitors

Now, the fact that millions of people visit Mykonos doesn’t mean anything unless most people are also wealthy and eager and willing to spend their money.  Well, we have good news for you: Mykonos is the kind of destination that tends to attract very wealthy and even rich people from all over the world. It’s not unusual to run into Hollywood stars and starlets, pop stars, heirs and heiresses, reality show stars and even Arab princes and other royalty at Chora, the island’s “capital city”. It goes without saying that only the finest of accommodations will do for people like this and they are more than willing to pay top dollar for luxury and relaxation while on vacation, which is why the island is full of extravagant and secluded villas.

3: The Greek crisis is a huge opportunity

We are sure that you are aware that Greece is going through an economic crisis and depression that’s like the Great Depression on steroids. While this is bad for the country and its people, it is good for foreigners who are willing to spend their money investing on this country. Mykonos villas used to be owned by Greek celebrities and businessmen, now they just can’t afford to keep them and they are more than willing to sell them for cash, even if they will only make back a fraction of what they actually paid for the properties back when they invested their money on them. Seeing as the country is starting to recover from the economic slump, we strongly suggest that you strike while the iron is hot and people are still willing to take a huge hit on their investments. It’s known, that the crisis in Greece has made real estate in Mykonos really “affordable” if something like that can be applied to villas.

4: Rent or flip, your choice

Once you own a Mykonos villa, you can choose to rent it out or just flip it for quick and easy profit. You won’t have trouble making money, regardless of your choice. Like we said earlier, Mykonos rental villas are fully books throughout the tourist season, which makes them a steady and reliable source of income. Also, since many investors are looking to buy a villa in Mykonos, if you choose to flip your villa, you will do so in a matter of days.

When it comes to renting villas in Mykonos, Zinas Villas is one of the best – if not the best – luxury villas agency on the island. When it comes luxurious holidays they should be your first choice and you can see why from the amazing villas they have to offer.

How to avoid car rental nightmares on your vacations


How not to worry about car rental nightmares

When it comes to car rental, I am sure that you will have heard some horror stories. A lot of people have rented a certain type of car online and when they got to their destination, they found a jalopy waiting for them. Others have found out the hard way why it’s good to opt-in for insurance or road assistance. Those are just some examples of car rental nightmares that people have faced and they are enough to keep others from choosing to rent a car when they go on vacation, which means that they might not actually get to enjoy everything that the place they visit has to offer.

Santorini – and many other Greek islands like it – might be rather small, but you need a car in order to see everything it has to offer and to visit all of its famous beaches. This means that you will have to rent a car. If you would like to avoid all the nightmare scenarios that you have heard about from friends and relatives, then you just need to remember the following simple tips. The biggest nightmares happen when people want to rent a car in Santorini or Mykonos because those are the most visited islands in Greece.

Inspect the car and take photos

One of the most common “nightmares” related to car rental is being held responsible for damages that you did not cause. Some agencies might rent a car with some scratches or dents to an unsuspecting client and then claim that there weren’t there once the car is returned to them and proceed to ask for compensation. Inspect the car that you are about to rent very carefully and should you see any damages, point them out to the staff of the agency and take a photo of them with your phone or camera, preferably with something proving the time and place the photo was taken. This way you won’t be blamed for the damage and if you do, you will have evidence to back up your word.

Make sure the deal includes road assistance

No matter how well maintained a car is, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with it. The roads on the Greek islands are usually quite narrow and full of twists and bends. Also, islands are not that densely populated and some of the most beautiful beaches are quite secluded. Therefore, if you get a flat tire or if you run into any kind of car trouble, finding help won’t be easy, and this is why you should make sure that your contract includes road assistance. Most agencies include it in their basic contracts while others may charge you a small amount for it. Trust us, it’s an investment that can prevent a lot of nightmare scenarios.

Be a responsible driver

A lot of tourists tend to drive rental cars like they have stolen them, especially if they opt-in for accident and collision insurance. They pretty much choose to try their hand at stunt driving because they think that since the car is insured, they won’t have to pay for any damage that they cause. Don’t be like those guys. Don’t push your car to its limits and avoid driving recklessly. The car may be insured, but the lives and well-being of others aren’t.

Do your research

Not all car rental companies are the same. Local agencies will offer you better rates and deals than the branches of big corporations, but not all of them will offer the same level of quality when it comes to services. Some will be more than honest and they will offer the perfect combination of well maintained vehicles, reasonably prices packages and great customer service. Try to look for comments and reviews on local agencies online. In places that get a lot of tourists, like Santorini, each agency will have a page on social media so log on to their page and see what others have to say about them. Always be responsible and follow the rules of car rental agencies.

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